Pontecorvo pepper DOP

The “Peperone di Pontecorvo” is a fruit from the lands in the province of Frosinone. In fact the production area is represented by the entire administrative territory of the municipality of Pontecorvo, and by the administrative territory of the municipalities of Esperia, S. Giorgio a Liri, Pignataro Interamna, Villa S Lucia, Piedimonte S Germano, Aquino, Castrocielo, Roccasecca and San Giovanni Incarico.
The fruit appears red in color (green streaks are allowed up to a maximum of 40% of the surface), has an elongated cylindrical-conical shape and has a thin pulp and a less thick cuticle than other products corresponding to the same product type . The taste is sweet and slightly sour.
To be part of the pontecorvo dop extra pepper category, the fruit must have a weight of at least 150 grams and a length equal to or greater than 18 cm, while for the first choice the weight varies from 100 to 150 grams and the dimensions vary from 14 to 18 cm.
The characteristics that make this fruit unique are its high flavor (sweet and slightly sour) and its better digestibility. The soils on which it is cultivated are very fertile and particularly rich in nutritional elements; they allow, in combination with the rainfall characteristics of the geographical area, as mentioned above, the cultivation of a product with high sapidity. Natural factors are associated with the contribution offered by the work of local operators who have been able to select the best local berries year after year, producing young seedlings in carefully prepared seedbeds and choosing the most suitable crop care for them so as to enhance the qualities of the ecotype.

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