Information and promotion program for quality products

(Peperone di Pontecorvo Dop, Cannellino di Atina Dop, Atina Cabernet Doc, Organic)

Market and context analysis.

The “TIPIKA” Agricultural Cooperative Society wants to enhance the local products of Ciociaria.

In this area there are the Cabernet di Atina, the Cannellino di Atina, the Cornetto di Pontecorvo, the buffalo mozzarella from Campania and finally, scattered throughout the territory, organic farms.

The companies are for the most part made up of small companies that produce a good product but do not have the means to spread and market it.

They are products closely linked to the Ciociaria territory that have been refined and adapted over time to particular environmental situations. This is also thanks to the contribution of individuals with great experience and culture who have passionately dedicated themselves to their development and enhancement.

The Ciociaria area is affected by the age-old “conflict” between industrialization and the enhancement of environmental resources and the landscape.

In the 70s of the last century these areas supported their economy on industries (Fiat and induced) by reducing the role of the agricultural sector, but starting from the 90s, and thanks to community and regional policies, new companies were involved in the production quality.

The globalization process is forcing companies to develop new skills, to reconnect with their own identity and to identify strategic paths and quality dimensions in the implementation of EU policies.

The new leadership, to guide this path, must be structured on competence, motivation, passion, determination, awareness of doing, the ability to get involved and to experiment with possible solutions by enhancing the resources of the heritage, spreading an entrepreneurial culture and at the same time striving to create a “local system” capable of making operators in the food and wine sector, tourism and the consumer of Ciociaria aware of the qualities and their peculiar characteristics so that they prefer Ciociara quality.

Description of the objectives.

The objectives that the cooperative proposes are:

– stimulate the local market;

– stimulate the market of the two large centers of Rome and Naples, considering that Ciorciaria is in the middle;

– build a virtual showcase of our products in foreign markets, and especially those which, due to climatic characteristics, do not have any;

– build a physical showcase of the products in a special equipped area in which to host citizens and tourists for a specific time;

c) Description of the strategy.

c.1) Local market.

The local market will be stimulated through the media (TV and radio) and the local press. The products of Ciociaria will be advertised with a series of 10 exhibition and tasting “Workshops” in an area of ​​the province of Frosinone and typical local dishes will be offered with the intervention of food and wine experts.

The events will be organized in Cassino because it is in an almost barycentric position between the two large centers that want to be involved.

c.2) Foreign market.

An Internet site translated into English will be created.

c.3) Local and foreign market

A special green area will be equipped with the aim of hosting citizens and tourists for a short time. During the visit, these users will have the opportunity to taste the typical products of Ciociaria.

General description of the type of business.

d.1) Contents of the communication.

The origins and evolution of the products;
The organoleptic and chemical-physical characteristics of the products;
Healthy qualities;
Links between typical cuisine and territory.

d.2) Initiatives and means.

Workshop in a specific area of the territory, at least 10;
Final workshop;
Publicity of events and products by local press, radio and TV
Creation of an Internet site;
Preparation of the tasting-cultural area.