Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania DOP

DOP Campania buffalo mozzarella is a dairy product from Southern Italy, traditionally produced in Campania, especially in the provinces of Caserta and Salerno. The production of this typical cheese also takes place in other parts of Campania as well as in southern Lazio, in upper Puglia and in the municipality of Venafro in Molise.
At sight it appears porcelain white with a very thin crust of about one millimeter with a smooth surface, never slimy or flaky.
The structure has thin leaves, slightly elastic in the first eight to ten hours from production, subsequently it tends to become more melting. It is also free of holes and absence of preservatives, inhibitors and dyes; when cut, there is draining in the form of a light whitish greasy serosity with the scent of lactic ferments.
Ingredients: PDO buffalo milk from Campania.
Chemical composition and energy value in 100 g .: Water 56 g., Proteins 18 g., Fat (lipids) 21 g., Glucides 4.6 g., Iron 0.2 mg., Calcium 403 mg., Phosphorus 240 mg. ., Energy value 250 Kcal.
Conservation: Being made up solely of natural ingredients, without preservatives or additives, the DOP Campania buffalo mozzarella must be consumed fresh, within a few days of production. For a good conservation it is necessary to keep the mozzarella inside the package, immersed in the preserving liquid. Absolutely avoid storing them in the fridge, the cold alters their flavor and structure, better to simply keep them in a cool place, in the summer, instead in the winter months, before eating the mozzarella to savor them better, it is recommended to immerse the still sealed bag in a basin of lukewarm water (around 20 degrees) for about 15 minutes, an operation that will enhance the taste.
The “Campania buffalo mozzarella” is made exclusively with fresh, raw and possibly thermised or pasteurized whole buffalo milk from buffaloes reared in the production area.
Production areas
Campania Region
Province of Benevento: municipalities of Limatola, Dugenta, Amorosi. Province of Caserta: the whole territory. Province of Naples: municipalities of Acerra, Giugliano in Campania, Pozzuoli, Qualiano, Arzano, Cardito, Frattamaggiore, Frattaminore, Mugnano di Napoli. Province of Salerno: the whole territory.
Lazio region
Province of Frosinone: municipalities of Amaseno, Giuliano di Roma, Villa S. Stefano, Castro dei Volsci, Pofi, Ceccano, Frosinone, Ferentino, Morolo, Alatri, Castrocielo, Ceprano, Roccasecca. Province of Latina: municipalities of Cisterna di Latina, Fondi, Lenola, Latina, Maenza, Minturno,
Monte S. Biagio, Pontinia, Priverno, Prossedi, Roccagorga, Roccasecca dei Volsci, Sabaudia, S. Felice Circeo, Sermoneta, Sezze, Sonnino, Sperlonga, Terracina, Aprilia. Province of Rome: municipalities of Anzio, Ardea, Nettuno, Pomezia, Rome, Monterotondo.
Puglia region
Province of Foggia: the entire territory of the municipalities of Manfredonia, Lesina and Poggio Imperiale e
part of the territory of the following municipalities: Cerignola, Foggia, Lucera, Torremaggiore, Apricena, Sannicandro Garganico, Cagnano Varano, San Giovanni Rotondo, San Marco in Lamis,
Molise region
Province of Isernia: municipality of Venafro

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